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Montessori for Dementia

We want our residents to be engaged. To feel involved. To not be passive recipients of help. Dementia residents may remember parts of who they were, what they used to do and wander less. Even post stroke patients will use the weaker limb and improve their limb function slowly. 

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Examples of Engaging activities:

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companionship nursing home johor

New Video: Purposeful activities for dementia

1.Lay out a basket of clean towels to fold.

2.Assigning Roles: water the plants, make tea for others

3.Listening to music, Hold an instrument.

4.Sorting items by shape and colour.

5.Talking about friends, reminiscing through old pictures

6. Simple puzzles

7. Given a choice: To look at picture of birds or to  feel different cloth textiles.

8. There is no right or wrong. Meaningful activities are chosen based on each person's capability and interest.

Physician presence

Greening Dementia

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