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Regular Physician Presence 医生在场

nursing home jb

Not just any nursing home in JB...

Our medical Director, Dr. Cha is our attending physician. He is a practising Emergency Physician(EP) and has vast experience in intensive care from his training days in Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), and obtained his Master's Degree from the University Malaya(UM). He is actively involved as a Manager of Basic Life support in Johor and various disaster exercises.  


Dr Cha will hold regular rounds of the home to review the resident's total program of care, including medications and treatments.We lessen the time and cost incurred in transporting to consult a doctor, and provide this service with no additional charges. Our care nurses will ensure that medication is given at the right time, formula feeds prepared well before insulin injections, personal hygiene to be seen to by general care givers, prevention of bed sores for bedbound residents and activities carried out to stimulate aging minds, and flexion done for tired limbs.


We are more than happy to help arrange transportation for any necessary follow up care be it dental, medical, physiotherapy, dialysis care and etc. After all,the EEC is 9.7 km away to the nearest hospital, HSAJB/Sultanah Aminah Hospital, and 12 km to the city centre.

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