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Accommodation & Amenities

General wards, and single/double/triple

bedded rooms with:

  • Side cabinets

  • Shared common bathroom

  • Television area

  • Airy Outdoor Dining Area

  • mini players for music therapy

  • Dressing, wound care room

  • Commode Chairs/ Wheel chairs

  • Vegetable and herb garden

  • Exercise Sessions outdoors

What do we offer?

coming soon


What do we bring with us?

We need a copy of previous Medical Reports, follow up documents, Photocopy of identification papers.


A: Home care

-Admission form +basic contract
-8 pairs of comfortable day clothes+ sleeping clothes

-Not to bring jewellery/ money
-Toiletries (Shower gel, shampoo, toothbrush etc.)
-Personal keepsakes (Wedding pictures, family pictures etc)

-Adult Diapers (optional)

-Own walking aid /purchasable from us

B: Daycare

-2 pairs of clothes, personal toiletries, medication.

 -Daycare Form

Visiting Hours

Greening Dementia

Physician presence
What are the Visiting Hours?
From 9 am to 7:00 pm
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