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Greening Dementia

Park in Tmn Johor
Elderly socialising

Evergreen Eldercare Centre - or you can call us the EEC- started as a family run home centre in a single storey bungalow nestled in a quiet residential area of Taman Johor. We are blessed to be close to a local park that will be well suited for leisurely strolls. Physical exercise will do so much to aid our residents with dementia. 


Mental and physical well being

Are your elderly losing interest in activities? Or they have no identifiable feelings or emotions about events? Lacking the energy to participate in life? Do these symptoms of apathy sound familiar?您的老人是否对活动失去兴趣?缺乏参与生活的能量?

Apathy can be connected with depression or other mental health disorders, or the result of physical illness, or the side effects of medication.

The best prescription for avoiding apathy and memory decline may be a familiar one — exercise. In fact exercise can actually increase brain volume. 避免冷漠和记忆力下降的最佳处方-活动.

Depressed elderly

The Greening Dementia Literature 2013 : 

"...people living with dementia appreciate and value the outdoors and nature for a range of different reasons including social encounters, emotional well-being, exercise, fresh air and an appreciation of the countryside.."

The person beneath

Just keep moving moving moving,...

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